Sun between the clouds on a seashore


Have you stopped to think about the wonders of life?  You are going along at 90 plus miles per hour and you are stopped literally in your tracks by health issues.  Even if you are healthy, you most certainly know someone who has been afflicted by a terrible illness one way or the other.  It is time to take stock of what you do  have in life and not focus on what you do not have.

I have found over the last five years of my life I was living for the future. I am now living for the moment. Yes, I have goals. Yes, I have dreams that will be reached one day.  The true fact is, I am now keenly aware of the many blessings I have been bestowed in my life on this planet.

Do take accountability for your actions. Do stop and smell the roses and admire the beauty all around you. Do try and filter out the negativity. Remember, words have power. Do not throw out negative words to anyone as they scar permanently. Remember to love yourself. I am on a journey. My journey changes daily and I love where the road is leading.

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