KSM Guitars

Let me introduce you to KSM Guitars, American made custom guitars! Kevin S. Moore has been a guitar Luthier for over twenty years and he has designed the KSM Foundation™Guitar Bridge with the custom Humbucker pickups! I invite you to go check out the KSM Guitar. Check out at KSM Guitars and tell them Colleen Lloy sent you!

KSM Guitars

Voyage Air Guitars
The Future of Guitar Travel

Hughes and Kettner
I am proud to endorse the Era1 by Hughes and Kettner. It is a great PA/Travel Amp.

SIT Strings
I literally play my guitars all over the world. As such, my guitar strings have occasion to break often. The SIT Strings are durable and can hold up to the test of my heavy playing!

II am excited to be endorsed by PickYourStrings. Check out her gallery of handcrafted bracelets, necklaces and earrings as well as other items.