In memory of my brother, James D. Lloy and “Corky” William Hull, my step-father, I am spreading the news about the Heartwalk my father is coordinating in Maui, Hawaii. If you have lost someone near and dear to heart disease, please contemplate making a donation. It is an awesome cause. Mahalo~

This is an awesome charity which helps feed and clothe our military that have addictions, have medical needs, are homeless or other varied problems. I enjoyed spending time with the soldiers who served our great nation. I hugged each and every one of them. Each year, the soldiers come together to receive necessary counseling, medicine, job counseling, clothing…whatever Operation Stand Down feels the soldiers can benefit from giving them. We enjoyed playing music for the soldiers and sharing a meal with them.

Keep checking back to find out about the Nashville Chapter of the Band of Sisters

I had the honor of meeting Keith Maupin, father of SSgt Matt Maupin. Matt Maupin was a young man who grew up in the midwest with the typical dreams and aspirations of any other young man standing on the cusp of adulthood. He wanted to get a college education, drive his car, hang out with his friends. But Matt made a decision to serve his country first. He enlisted, trained and was deployed to Iraq. In the course of his service, his outfit was attacked by insurgents and he was taken hostage. Extraordinary circumstances brought this humble soldier into the hearts of many of his fellow countrymen. Extraordinary effort by his brothers in arms tell of the special bond that drove them to search for Matt for four very long years. And the extraordinary love of family and friends keep Matt’s story alive with continued support of our military serving in harm’s way. On this page you will find stories of Matt, who he was and what he meant to those who knew and loved him. The Yellow Ribbon Support Center is a non-profit organization that has sent over 17,500 packages to our troops serving in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I have been given the honor to be the “voice of Nashville” with respect to We Care for Humanity and the Global Official of Dignity Awards. I traveled to Los Angeles to perform at the G.O. D. Awards where dignitaries from literally all over the world celebrated many amazing people who perform charitable works around the globe. Please take a minute to visit each website by clicking on the links to their respective websites above. If you know someone whom you feel has made a difference in our world through charitable works, please take the time to nominate him or her on our website. Thank you